The Dallas City Council will hold a meeting this Wednesday to discuss the 2024 Bond Program, and several council members have already submitted proposals for how they think the bond dollars should be allocated.

This week, staff will brief council members on the status of the bond program and make recommendations for how the funds should be allocated.

The bond capacity was previously set at $1.1 billion, but council members directed staff to move forward with a bond capacity of $1.25 billion during their last meeting on January 19. The council also gave direction to hold the bond election in May rather than November of this year.

Mayor Eric Johnson was unable to attend the January 19 meeting, as he was in Switzerland speaking at a panel on the World Economic Forum that week, as previously covered by The Dallas Express. The meeting this Wednesday was specifically called by Johnson.

Council members will give guidance to staff on the language of the proposition, allocation amounts, and payback amounts of the bonds issued, according to a memo from Assistant City Manager Robert Perez.

The meeting will also include public comment, allowing Dallas residents to provide input on the direction of the bond spending.

After the council provides guidance on funding allocations, municipal departments will be able to determine which projects within their department can be funded with bond dollars.

Council Members Adam Bazaldua (District 7), Tennell Atkins (District 8), Omar Narvaez (District 6), Paul Ridley (District 14), and Gay Donnell Willis (District 13) have submitted proposals that will be considered by the rest of the council on Wednesday.

Their amendments can be seen below:

Screenshot (51)

Screenshot (50)


Wednesday’s meeting will also include briefings on the proposal to reduce minimum lot sizes and allow more units on single-family residential lots, as covered previously by DX.