City-Owned Nuisance Property Attracts Vagrants, Criminals

9999 Technology Blvd., Dallas, TX
9999 Technology Blvd. | Image provided to DX by employee who works at nearby building

Records obtained by The Dallas Express through a Texas Public Information Act request show the Dallas Police Department generated reports for five incidents over a four-year period at a City-owned property in disrepair.

Dallas officials answered the request on June 3 — a month after DX sought “all reports related to calls to 9999 Technology Boulevard, especially and including burglary, trespassing, loitering, vandalism, and squatting.”

A worker whose office is near the former Teleperformance call center has told DX the property continues to be a magnet for vandals, burglars, vagrants, and refuse and that Dallas officials have done nothing to resolve the issue.

Polling indicates most Dallas residents believe the municipal authorities are doing a poor job of “keeping crime low; addressing homelessness, vagrancy, and panhandling; [and] keeping public spaces clean.”

Records provided by the City show that between January 1, 2020, and May 2, 2024, police documented multiple criminal trespass reports at 9999 Technology Blvd., including during an investigation on December 7, 2023, that resulted in the arrests of five people on several offenses and warrants.

Officers “were on a mark out assisting Code Compliance and Homeless Solutions on clearing a commercial building that belongs to Dallas Public Facility Corporation (Complainant) located at 9999 W. Technology Blvd, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas,” according to police records. “The commercial building belongs to the City of Dallas. … No individuals have consent to be on the property, and the building is supposed to be a vacant building. [Officers] observed that several glass windows were shattered and several doors around the building were open.”

Furthermore, the records show that complaints “have been made to the City Council” about people unlawfully entering the building.

The property is in Council Member Omar Narvaez’s District 6. Neither he nor interim City Manager Kimberly Tolbert have returned messages by DX seeking comment. However, the worker whose office is near the property told DX that heavy equipment was seen there on June 5 in what appeared to be a clean-up effort.

The 15-acre site was abandoned in 2019 when the French company Teleperformance closed the center and laid off about 400 people as part of its restructured operations, the Dallas Business Journal reported.

Central Appraisal District data shows that the City of Dallas has owned the two-story gold-veneered glass-paneled building, constructed in 1984, since July 2023. As of last year, the site’s certified value was almost $1.7 million.

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