CITY OF MESQUITE: City completes Palos Verdes Lake Fish Restocking


City of Mesquite issued the following announcement on April 22

The City of Mesquite has completed the final phase of the Palos Verdes Lake Dam Modifications and Park Improvements project with the restocking of fish.  The stocking was administered by PondMedics,  Inc., the  consultant selected to oversee the aquatic wildlife portion of the project. The number and species of fish stocked included:

Bluegill/Redear Sunfish


Channel Catfish


Largemouth Bass


Total Fish Stocked


In addition to the sport fish listed, approximately 15,000 fathead minnows were also added to the lake. Fathead minnows spawn twice a month and provide an abundance of small minnows to boost the growth of predator sport fish.

The Palos Verdes Lake dam project was to improve the flood control. This project replaced the rusted metal overflow pipe with a new concrete overflow box structure, modify the emergency spillway and extend the large storm sewer pipe. 

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