CITY OF CLIVE: Mayor’s Spring Clean-Up

City of Clive issued the following announcement on April 1

If the spring has sprung from your old sofa, you’re in luck because Spring Cleanup is just around the corner!

Spring Cleanup in your community is an opportunity to get rid of unwanted trash that won’t fit in your garbage cart, or may require a large item sticker. Examples include a couch, desk, lamp, or chair.

When you’re considering setting an item out for Spring Cleanup, ask yourself:

  • Can two people lift it?
  • Is my pile smaller than the bed of a pick-up truck?

If the answers to these two questions are yes, then kick those items to the curb by 6 a.m. on your scheduled day. Following the guidelines will help maintain consistent garbage rates, keep everyone safe, and get your items removed timely.

So, what are the guidelines?

Here’s what NOT to place at your curb for Spring Cleanup:

*Appliances, TV’s, Computers                                      *Hazardous Waste

Puchase large-item stickers and                                   Bring to Metro Hazardous Waste

follow directions on the sticker.                                    Drop-Off, 1105 Prairie Dr. SW,



Bring to Metro Hazardous Waste                              TV’s, computers, and paint will be

Drop-Off or Metro Park East Landfill.                         recycled for a fee.

Only residents on city services are eligible to participate in Spring Cleanup. If you have questions about your neighborhood, call City Hall at 515.223.6220.

The Clive Spring Cleanup event is scheduled for Saturday, May 1 for residents who live east of I-80/35, or May 8, for residents who live west of I-80/35.

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