City Issues Guidance as Scooters Return

Scooters Return
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E-scooters are set to make a comeback next week and riders have a lot of new rules to catch up on before hitting the city streets.

The return of the dockless vehicle program after a two-year hiatus was plagued by several delays, making some skeptical it would even happen, as The Dallas Express has reported.

But scooters and e-bikes will be back in Dallas on May 31 — though the rollout will happen bit by bit.

Only about 1,500 units will be available at first, which includes roughly 1,350 scooters. This will allow for greater oversight of the program before more units are added.

When the dockless vehicle program previously ran from 2018 to 2020, there were 8,500 units in operation and numerous vendors. Serious public safety concerns were reported, as The Dallas Express covered.

Now, the revamped program will have fewer units, only three vendors (Lime, Superpedestrian, and Bird), and a reevaluation scheduled every 90 days.

For riders, it is necessary to be aware of a number of new conditions for renting an e-scooter and tighter regulations for their operation.

As explained by Page Jones Clark, a spokesperson for the City, e-bikes and scooters will be inspected regularly to ensure rider safety, per The Dallas Morning News. Riders will be able to report any issues with a scooter via the City’s 311 service line after May 31.

The City has also provided the following list of do’s and don’ts for riders.

Note that riders will be tested on these rules before being allowed to rent a scooter or e-bike. Also, remember that failing to follow the rules could lead to fines of up to $200.

  • DO ride one person per scooter.

Scooters are made for just one person at a time, and all riders must be aged 16 and older. Helmets are not required.

Only rent out scooters for your own use, as you must upload a photo of it to show that it has been properly parked at the end of the rental period.

Rentals run from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m.

  • DO yield to pedestrians and DO follow traffic signals, laws, and signs.

There is a city-wide speed limit of 20 mph for both scooters and e-bikes.

There are several no-ride zones throughout the city, which include sidewalks. Scooters also cannot be driven on roads with speed limits of 35 mph and higher. No public parks, trails, or plazas may be ridden on. Riders must dismount if they need to travel in these areas.

Slow-ride zones have also been designated for certain areas, which require travel at speeds below 10 mph.

A map of these no-ride and slow-ride zones can be found here.

  • DO ride in the middle of the lane and DO ride in bike lanes when available.

Be mindful of other drivers and riders on the road. In April 2019, data suggested that injuries related to scooters after less than a year of operation had cost over $1 million in hospital costs, according to WFAA.

A map of bike lanes in Dallas can be found here.

  • ​DO NOT ride while intoxicated, DO NOT do burnouts or stunt riding, and DO NOT wear headphones.

Distracted and irresponsible driving will not be permitted.

As Clark explained, some scooters will test riders’ reaction times in order to detect whether a person has been drinking, according to the DMN.

  • DO NOT park near intersections, on the street, or in front of building entrances.

Scooters and e-bikes can be parked in the operator’s corrals or locked to a bike rack.

They can also be placed upright in the space between the sidewalk and the street or facing the street near the curb on sidewalks that measure at least 8 feet in width.

Make sure to use the kickstand so the scooter does not fall over.

Failing to park in a designated spot can lead to a fine of $20.

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