In April, Dallas City Council voted to propose a ban on horse-drawn carriages and transition towards alternative mechanical or electric carriage options. The decision was made with consideration for the well-being of both horses and humans, as well as the impact on city roads.

On Wednesday, the Dallas City Council will vote on whether the city should or should not ban horse-drawn carriages from downtown.

Here is some of what Steven Pickering reported for News Radio 1080 KRLD:

Activists have long pushed to get the horse-drawn carriages banned and a new amendment to the city’s code on Wednesday’s agenda would remove them from the list of approved forms of transportation.


Some members of the Dallas City Council said they were concerned about the treatment of the horses that pull the carriages and the conditions they work in.


The group Ban Horse Carriages Dallas argued that having horses in close proximity to cars downtown could lead to a collision, and they point to accidents in Highland Park, McKinney, and Dallas over the past 10 years as examples.

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