Attempted Mayoral Candidate Plans To Sue City


Jrmar Jefferson | Image by Jrmar Jefferson/Facebook

The City of Dallas may face a lawsuit from a man alleging the municipality is “unjustly” preventing him from running for mayor.

Jrmar Jefferson announced his intention to file a lawsuit against the City during a press conference attended by The Dallas Express. 

He claims that the City is fraudulently blocking him from running for mayor despite submitting more than double the number of signatures needed to gain access to the ballot, as previously reported by The Dallas Express.

The Dallas Express asked the City Secretary for clarification on why Jefferson was disqualified.

Secretary Johnson told The Dallas Express that “petitions are verified in accordance with the 141.062 and 141.063 of the Texas Election Code,” but did not comment directly on Jefferson’s case by the time of publication.

His brother, Lamar Jefferson, filed to run for City Council District 7 but was also told by the Office of the City Secretary that he did not qualify.

“We are unjustly being denied access to the ballot,” said Jrmar Jefferson. “We have no choice but to file a lawsuit to obtain the justice that Mayor Johnson, the City Council, and the City Secretary are depriving us of.”

Jrmar emphasized that no one, including Mayor Eric Johnson, should run for office unopposed.

“The mayor should accept the challenge from a young, strapping, constitutional, Jah-fearing man who wants this City to be heavenly-minded, righteous-centered, and … not just for the rich and the few,” he continued. “I’m talking about a better place for all.”

Jefferson claimed the City has already received a letter of intent to sue, and the official lawsuit will be filed within the coming week. However, he said he has struggled to find a law firm that will represent him, as the firms he has approached claim there is a conflict of interest in suing the City of Dallas.

When asked by The Dallas Express why the municipal government would conspire against the Jefferson brothers to keep them off the ballot, Jrmar said the answer boils down to “fear.”

“The corruption is always the same,” he said. “Corruption is all about containing power to make sure that opportunities exist for some and not for all.”

“The corruption that has happened to me and my twin brother … is what’s been happening to all of South Dallas. And now it’s starting to trickle up into North Dallas, and West Dallas, and East Dallas,” he continued. “The corruption is we pay too many taxes. The cost of living is too high. That’s a form of corruption.”

The Dallas Express reached out to the City for comment but did not receive an explanation on why the Jeffersons did not qualify.

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11 days ago

Interesting. Both brothers submit more than enough signatures to get on the ballot and both are denied. The only question I have is:
Why is anyone listening to the City Secretary at all?

Dallas has a certified elections administrator who also happens to have a law degree and has been professionally employed in several cities and states throughout the USA as a “Supervisor of elections” or “Elections Administrator” (different states have different titles).

Any letter of rejection had to come from that office and its 52 employees doing their jobs, not from the city secretary directly, as the city secretary is not the responsible party.

It is time that Mr. Scarpello’s office directly answer any questions regarding the disqualification. After all, he is an has been a professional at this for over 20 years. I sincerely doubt that he has any axe to grind regarding any election or any election process. He works literally for the voters (or should).

Concerned Voter
Concerned Voter
11 days ago

I fully support Mr. Jefferson’s position that the Dallas Mayor should not be running unopposed. After reading Mr. Jefferson’s positions when he ran for Congress, I would have signed his petition to run for office. Not sure who I would have voted for, but as a Dallasite, I support some of his stated positions. Having said that, I doubt that corruption was the reason Mr. Jefferson’s filing was disapproved.

11 days ago

Maybe the present mayor had a hand in it? And can’t holler racism this time, huh? “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

11 days ago

I like the part about , no candidate should be able to run unopposed, but it happens every time