Nikki Haley made a campaign stop in Dallas on Thursday night, calling on North Texas voters to reject Donald Trump and embrace her as the Republican nominee for the upcoming presidential election.

The 2024 presidential hopeful highlighted the purported weaknesses of both Trump and President Joe Biden and pitched herself as a “conservative leader” who can get things done.

“When I was governor in South Carolina, I would always refer to South Carolina as mini-Texas,” she said. “Because we think alike. We act alike. We love our freedom, and we don’t want government telling us what to do.”

Haley spoke about the importance of balancing the federal budget, securing the southern border, and maintaining American strength on the world stage.

“Right now, the people of Texas have a choice to make. Do we want more of the same? Or do we want to go in a new direction?” she said. “And more of the same is not just Joe Biden. More of the same is Donald Trump.”

Krista Carlson, 49, told The Dallas Express that Haley has her vote.

“We love Nikki Haley,” she said. “We need someone who’s sharp, who brings America together, and who has the foreign policy experience.”

Carlson also claimed that Haley has the “ability to unify Americans” while “both of the other candidates can be fairly divisive.”

“Frankly, they’re not as sharp as Haley is,” she added.

Raj Victor, 56, said that while Haley’s speech was a “repeat of the same thing” she has been saying throughout her campaign, he does plan to vote for her in the primary.

“We’ve heard this before … but we like what we hear. That’s why we came here,” he said. “We don’t like Donald Trump or Joe Biden. … I wish Donald Trump didn’t have such a foul mouth. … If he spoke a little more decently, I probably would not come here.”

However, not everyone was swayed by Haley’s message.

Fort Worth resident Dalton Pastorius, 19, told DX that he found Haley’s rally “pretty disheartening.”

“I’m not really a Republican. I came because I like to see everyone,” he said. “I have my own views, but I like to be civil.”

Haley was interrupted multiple times throughout her speech by anti-Israel protesters who loudly condemned her for her longstanding support of Israel and her refusal to call for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas conflict.

“Nikki Haley, you can’t hide! We charge you with genocide!” one activist yelled while being ejected from the hall by security.

Haley mentioned Israel and the importance of maintaining U.S. support for Israel multiple times during her speech.

“Do you serve the American people or the Israeli government?” another protester shouted.

Pastorius told DX he wished Haley engaged with the protesters more and addressed their criticisms.

“I don’t like how you have all these people talking about Palestine throughout her speech, and she doesn’t touch on it at all,” he said. “I think she should have had a conversation with some of these people. If she wants to win, that’s how she does that. She has conversations. She doesn’t read a script.”

The Republican primary in Texas will be held on March 5. As previously reported by DX, Haley has so far fared poorly this primary season.