On Tuesday, October 26, around 5:45 pm, three boys were walking across the Fort Worth freeway, near Loop 820. This portion of the highway is six lanes wide, not including the turning and exit lanes.

In heavy oncoming traffic, the boys attempted to cross the highway. Two of the boys appeared to be okay without injuries, reported by Fox News. However, one of the boys, 11, was hit by a car and pronounced dead at the scene.

After the incident, the driver pulled over and waited for authorities to arrive.

Police on the scene said that the driver of the vehicle will likely not be charged for the incident.

According to police, it is unclear where the boys were coming from or where they were heading.

With an apartment complex just a mile away, a local resident shared that it was common for adults and children to cross the highway there. Resident, Trickia Jones, a mother of three boys and lives in the complex, said that she often sees unattended children hanging out near the highway daily.

She also stated, “It’s scary, but we see it all the time over here. And when I say all the time, it’s regular,” Jones continued, “I actually see a lot of single moms walking across the freeway. Not just the kids. I’ve seen them walk with their children as well. There’s been a couple of times where I’ve stopped and given people rides.”

It is currently unclear where the boys live; however, Jones made it clear that crossing this dangerous highway is common for children and adults.