A quality assurance investigator says Boeing’s 737 program has lost track of hundreds of bad parts, reports Business Insider:

“The Senate subcommittee investigating Boeing’s safety and quality practices on Monday released a new report — and it contains new allegations from company whistleblowers about what happens to faulty plane parts.

“The sprawling 204-page report contained several new allegations from whistleblowers familiar with the company’s practices at its Washington facilities. The allegations ‘paint a troubling picture of a company that prioritizes speed of manufacturing and cutting costs over ensuring the quality and safety of aircraft,’ the subcommittee wrote.

“A new slate of accusations came from Sam Mohawk, a Boeing quality assurance investigator in Renton, Washington.

“Mohawk, per the committee’s report, wrote a June 11 complaint to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration alleging that the 737 program was losing ‘hundreds’ of ‘non-conforming’ parts.

“Mohawk further alleged that at the Renton factory, the company ordered staff to move ‘improperly stored’ aircraft parts to ‘intentionally hide’ them from FAA inspectors.

“‘There were approximately 60 parts being stored outdoors, including 42 rudders alone, plus flaps, winglets, ailerons, stabilizers, and vertical fins,’ Mohawk’s OSHA complaint read.

“‘Since then, those parts that were hidden from the FAA inspection have been moved back to the outside area or lost completely,’ Mohawk added.”

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