Walgreens Introduces Medication Savings Tool

Walgreens' Rx Savings Finder on smartphone | Images by Walgreens

Pharmacy giant Walgreens has introduced a new digital tool that promises to aid consumers by finding savings for prescription medications.

Launched Thursday, the new tool, called Rx Savings Finder, is now available for use in Walgreens locations across the nation.

The tool works by finding free, third-party discount cards, enabling consumers to “find lower prices on their Walgreens medications.” Users can have discount card prices sent to them via text message or email and present them to a staff member to be applied before checkout.

Rx Savings Finder is available for free to all Walgreens customers. There is no subscription or membership needed to take advantage of the benefits that the new tool offers.

“Inflation not only impacts our pockets but can have serious implications on health,” said Rick Gates, chief pharmacy officer for Walgreens, according to a press release. “Over one-third of Americans have avoided a prescription refill to reduce costs and with over 131 million Americans taking at least one prescription medication, this is very concerning. That is why we have launched Walgreens Rx Savings Finder – to empower our customers with transparent prescription costs and help them save money on medications.”

Gates said that the pilot program has already yielded “overwhelmingly positive” results.

“One striking instance involves a pharmacist’s recent account where our Rx Savings Finder tool helped a customer save over $75 on their prescriptions during a single visit,” said Gates. “This tool is just one facet of our evolving suite of pharmacy solutions. Our digital innovations, spanning telepharmacy, micro-fulfillment, and cutting-edge technologies, align with the evolving needs of patients and pharmacists. Beyond the conventional role of medication dispensing, our vision encompasses fostering meaningful patient connections, looking at their holistic health profiles, and collaborating with healthcare partners for a more comprehensive and community-centric approach to healthcare.”

Prices for prescription medication in the United States have been rising for some time. The Texas legislature signed a bill earlier this year that granted the Texas Health and Human Services Commission the ability to source cheaper medication from wholesalers in Canada, as previously reported by The Dallas Express.

Customers can use the new tool by visiting Walgreens.RxSense.com.

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