VIDEO: Chipotle Accused of Skimping on Serving Sizes

Chipotle | Image by Retail Photographer/Shutterstock
Chipotle | Image by Retail Photographer/Shutterstock

A recent controversy about the portion size of meals at Chipotle restaurants has led the company to fire back with cheeky advertising that makes fun of those contributing to a negative narrative about the company on social media.

Initially, numerous social media posts claimed that the company has reduced its portions, declaring “shrinkflation.” The term has come to indicate products that are getting smaller in size or lower in quality while remaining at the same price point or even rising in price.

The impression has been perpetuated by social media influencers, even Keith Lee, who previously partnered with the restaurant.

“Something changed, and I don’t know what it is,” Lee said at the end of his review of three Chipotle menu items. He said his rating had gone from a 10 to 2.5 on the steak quesadillas.


Chipotle taste test 💕 would you try it ? 💕#foodcritic

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Still, Chipotle refutes claims that its portion sizes have decreased.

“Guests of Chipotle can completely customize their meal in restaurants by vocalizing their desired portions, or digitally selecting extra, light, normal, or on the side when choosing from the list of real ingredients,” said Laurie Schalow, Chipotle’s chief corporate affairs and food safety officer, in a statement obtained by Restaurant Business. “We have not changed our portion sizes, and our guests continue to appreciate the value we offer them.”

But a subsequent rumor then emerged that Chipotle was providing more generous portions to guests who were filming the staff and food to counter accusations that its serving sizes had decreased.


Does @Chipotle give you bigger portions when you Film Them with a Phone? Does Chipotle SKIMP on their portion sizes? Lets go and see! #fastfood #fastfoodlife #chipotle #chipotlebowl #fastfoodreview #mukbang #tastetest #mukbangeatingshow #foodcritic #waynedang

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Fast-food chains and restaurants like Chipotle have faced rising food prices and slumping sales, as previously covered in The Dallas Express. Many are offering deals to lure customers in, with McDonald’s reportedly considering introducing a new $5 value meal to stave off dissatisfaction over higher menu prices.

As for Chipotle, rather than deals, it has found a witty way to respond to the recent social media rumors.

Poking fun at the claims of larger portions being provided to filming customers, the chain released a video showing dozens of people holding cell phones in the air, as sounds of camera clicks can be heard, with the words “POV u work at Chipotle rn” superimposed over the video.


i’m working late, cuz i’m Chipotle

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