UNAVX Changes Name to Reflect Absolute Return Fund’s Goals

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USA Mutuals Advisor, Inc. announced the name change of its mutual fund from its old name, “The USA Mutuals Navigator Fund (UNAVX)” to its new name, “The USA Mutuals All Season Fund.”

UNAVX seeks an outcome of positive performance over most market cycles independent of the movements of the fixed income markets or the broader equity. The Fund’s investment mandate and its symbol will remain the same.

“We believe the name change to All Seasons best represents the Fund’s goal of absolute return through various market cycles,” said Paul Strehle, President of USA Mutuals. “We believe this is a critical differentiator with equity and bond market valuations near all-time highs.”

USA Mutuals has a history spanning three decades and has long been a provider of alternative investment strategies to both retail and institutional marketplaces. The company was founded in 1994, as a separate accounts manager which converted in 2001 to a public mutual trust. Its mission is to create an environment in which the company’s goals and expectations are truly aligned with their investors.

The All Seasons Fund is available on many self-directed platforms, and you may purchase shares through financial advisors, brokers, or any other financial intermediaries that distribute the funds. UNAVX is a great option to consider when investing, thanks to the 60% long-term/40% short-term tax treatment, the risk controls that are intended to put a stop-loss floor on overnight positions and the fact that the fund invests only in highly liquid instruments.

In consideration of this name change, USA Mutuals believes this to be the perfect time for this event following a Fund Manager change at the end of 2020. You can find more information on the USA Mutuals and UNAVX on their website: http://www.usamutuals.com/

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