Trqk Launches TrqkIQ Indie Edition

Photo: Via trqk.io

Are you an artist, composer, publisher, or have a music library and want to simplify the management of your royalties? Trqck Indie Edition™ is the new analysis tool you need! 

TrqckIQ was created to simplify the complexity of collecting royalties. Its functionality is simple: determine when and where your music was played to ensure that your royalties have been paid. 

Trqck’s mission is to help the Music Creator Economy harness the power of data to unlock previously hidden or unreachable funds that will allow you to grow your music and bring it to new fans!  

Thanks to on-air playback detection powered by BMAT, it is the leading audio content recognition and global monitoring service that tracks more than 200 radio stations and TV shows in the U.S. 

What is great is that this service is free to all users who collect less than $1000 in royalties per quarter. If you want to upgrade, you can try the Pro Plan for free for 14 days. 

Steven Lubin, former VP at ASCAP writes: 

“Trqk is a must-have companion for composers and publishers to analyze their royalty data and make more informed decisions for their business.” 

Founded in 2019, the platform is the brainchild of two people: 

David Della Santa, co-founder, and creative director of Trqk. He is a music producer, a talented music supervisor, and a composer with over 500 song placements to his name! 

Sathvik Krishnamurthy is the co-founder and executive chairman of Trqk. He is a hardened Silicon Valley entrepreneur.  

Together they have been able to make a deep understanding of the music industry accessible through an executive and advisory team of experts in music technology, data science, and performance rights.  

Visit www.trqk.io for full details. 

Find Trqck on social media: 

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram: @trkq_io 

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