Tiana Burse and JBthaGREAT Offer Pandemic-Era Business Advice

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The two serial entrepreneurs and business strategists join forces in a mission to help struggling businesses pivot their brand in this constantly evolving pandemic-driven marketplace. 

Each of the two powerhouse strategists is a leading expert in e-commerce, social media marketing, strategic growth, and branding. They have already helped many businesses around the world to propel themselves to a consistent level of success. With their new partnership, they hope to enable many entrepreneurs to thrive during the pandemic. Burse and JB want to help other entrepreneurs through insight into the dynamics of an evolving digital marketplace with their new program called Next Level Branding. 

Both JBthaGREAT and Tiana Burse are passionate about helping businesses and individuals grow their brand, increase their revenue, as well as making an impact and a lasting difference in the world. Over the past year, they have been featured on network TV, and in publications such as ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW, Forbes, Buzzfeed, Nasdaq, Yahoo Finance, and Entrepreneur Magazine. 

JBthaGREAT explains: “We’ve seen over 100,000 businesses go under in the last eighteen months of the pandemic. There are businesses right now that are hanging on by a thread, not because the owners aren’t good business people, but because they lack the knowledge of how to transition their brand to keep up with consumer behavior and the technology shift being driven by the pandemic.” 

Tiana Burse is a 38-year-old serial entrepreneur with a passion for helping brands grow and scale. She is the CEO and Co-Founder of District Media Press, a consulting and marketing agency. JBthaGREAT is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Next Level Mastermind. The company focuses on technology and consulting that creates innovative products and services to help clients reach the “Next Level” in life, investments, and business. 

Learn more about Tiana Burse and JBthaGreat’s Next Level Branding by visiting www.nextlevelbranding.io/registration. 

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