Tesla To Livestream Cybertruck Delivery Event

Tesla's Cybertruck | Image by Tesla

Preliminary deliveries of Tesla’s Cybertruck will begin on Thursday.

Tesla Inc. will host a livestream on November 30 at 2 p.m. CST to announce new details about the company’s long-awaited Cybertruck, according to a news release.

The “Cybertruck Delivery Event” will be broadcast on the official Tesla X account (formerly known as Twitter) from the company’s headquarters in Austin, Texas. During the event, customers “will take delivery of Cybertrucks,” the news release states.

“I’ve been patiently and impatiently waiting for this event for 4+ long years! Bring it on, take my money and all those things. I want it!” said one user in an X post responding to the announcement.

New details and preliminary deliveries for the much-anticipated Cybertruck are a big deal for Tesla fans considering the many production and supply-chain hiccups that have delayed the vehicle’s official release.

While Musk has attributed some of the delays to supply chain issues involving source components like lithium, other reasons include the unforeseen pandemic lockdowns in 2020 and Tesla needing additional time to rework design flaws.

To remedy the supply chain issue involving lithium, Tesla took to building its own lithium refinery plant, which is currently under construction near Corpus Christi, Texas, per The Dallas Express.

Although Tesla will begin preliminary Cybertruck deliveries on Thursday, Musk cautioned investors during the latest earnings call to “temper expectations” regarding the timeline for when the electric truck will become a “significant positive cash flow contributor.”

Musk said during the call that he forecasts the Cybertruck becoming cash flow positive in about 12-18 months, given favorable economic conditions and customer demand.

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