Sober Peer App Implements AI to Assist in Substance Use Recovery

Sober Peer
Sober Peer app | Image by Sober Peer

Sober Peer, a behavioral science technology company headquartered in Dallas, has introduced new artificial intelligence (AI) enhancements to its remote digital patient surveillance platform in order to address a critical issue in the treatment of people who have chronic substance use disorders.

According to the company, which serves the mental health and substance use healthcare market, chronic behavioral health patients systematically have better outcomes when there are frequent interventions available. However, deciding when and how to provide interventions has been a problem the treatment industry has been trying to solve for decades.

In the United States, healthcare industry growth has created pressure for providers to see more patients within a shorter amount of time, fill out paperwork more quickly, and keep up with medical advances that occur every day. This heightened pressure on Health Care Workers has challenged the provider-patient relationship.

Sober Peer takes a patient-centered approach that emphasizes the individual patient’s beliefs, perceptions, and needs in combination with the physician’s medical expertise and evaluation.

Sober Peer believes AI technology holds promise in the healthcare environment and has made substantial investments to achieve patient-centered outcomes. Through the company’s smartphone application, machine learning is used to establish the best treatment for each patient, and the algorithms help identify which patterns lead to the most successful outcomes.

The Sober Peer app sends Sober Signals™ from the phone to a database that is powered by artificial intelligence programs. The Sober Peer program identifies these Signals as patterns of behavior and sorts them into significant insights.

Sober Peer captures real-time information from the user around the clock, and can collect up to five hundred signals per day. The number of signals improves as the medical team and the patient collaborate on a treatment strategy. The company processes 1.6 million days of data for its members in five countries each year.

Learn more about Sober Peer here.

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