Smart Locks Provide Safety for Homeowners

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Whether you’re buying a home or just want to upgrade it, safety is always an important consideration. One of the best investments for homeowners is the locks that keep their homes safe from unwanted intruders.  

As technology continues to make life easier, security upgrades are becoming more common, especially since they allow homeowners the ease and convenience that smart living provides.  

The most common and popular form of smart living is a smart lock. A smart lock is a wi-fi or Bluetooth-enabled smart home device that locks and unlocks doors with the tap of a finger or after a voice command.  

Smart living options include fire detection and protection, doorbell cameras, home automation to allow illumination, and home security alarms. Gone are the days of hiding the key under the front doormat. Today, smart living is in the palm of your hand on your smartphone.  

Another benefit of smart locks is the ability to unlock a door remotely to allow a guest in your house. As technology continues to evolve, some smart locks operate by fingerprint scanning while others use mobile apps.  

According to a recent Grand View Research study, in 2020 the global smart lock market is valued at $1.38 billion. Furthermore, the market is expected to grow further: “The demand was recorded at 8.9 million units and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 21.4% from 2021 to 2028,” the study continues. 

There are many choices when shopping for smart locks. Dallas County has numerous locksmiths and security companies, such as Texas Safe and LockSOS Locksmith, and Ranger American Home Security. In addition, some homeowners may be able to install these locks themselves. 

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