Small Business in Dallas Promotes Holistic Healing

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Holistic healing has been on the rise in the United States lately, and Texas is no exception. Holistic healing is a practice that involves healing someone’s entire being, not just their sickness or injury. This can include their soul, mind, and mental health. Many people now practice holism as a job and have made a career out of it. There are shops all over now that promote this holistic approach. Many may sell things such as teas, healing crystals, books, and other things. Some even have coffee shops built-in. One such store in Dallas, Texas is The Opal Dragonfly.  

The Opal Dragonfly is a small shop in the DFW area that is passionate about helping people through holistic healing methods. It was founded by owner Sabrina Garcia, who shares her story on the shop’s website.  

As a child, she loved working in her grandmother’s garden. The garden had things such as herbs, flowers, and vegetables. At a young age, Sabrina developed a fondness for nature and all things natural. She has nine children, including two twin sets. Her turmoil began when she lost her daughter who was just forty-five days old. Two and a half years after that, her first husband passed away. Obviously, this took a toll on Sabrina. Resulting from all the loss, she began to overeat. Her mental health worsened and she was grieving in an unproductive way.  

After this, Sabrina decided to turn her life around. She eventually had enough of the destructive behaviors. In addition to her lifestyle change, she discovered that she was “a daughter of Jacob ergo Israel”. This influenced her to change her eating habits. From this point on, she swore off pork, shellfish, fish, most poultry, and nothing with hooves. With this change came a change in her mindset. She vowed off of any toxic behavior to herself. After losing her desired weight and learning to love herself, she started Opal Dragonfly Healthy Living.  

As a result of opening the Opal Dragonfly, Sabrina is undergoing courses and is on the path to becoming an alternative healer as well as a crystal healing therapist. At the shop, she sells ByeByeBelly items. ByeByeBelly is a weight loss program that began in 2016. They have many different types of consumables available. There is a testimonial page on the Opal Dragonfly Healthy Healing website page that shows the before and afters of people who have adopted the ByeByeBelly lifestyle.  

Another product sold is tea. The Opal Dragonfly sells many different types of tea, from weight loss to mind powering tea. They sell boxes of tea or individual packets. The product list goes on. Sabrina and the team are dedicated to bringing healthy living to the DFW area through holistic healing.  

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