Euless-Based Business Offers College Consultation to New Students

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The Texas-based business, PreCollege Solutions, offers consultation and resources for students preparing to enter college. Lead consultant, Shymika Stephenson-Davidson shared her thoughts on the business and its services. Check her interview out below. 

1) Can you tell me a little bit about PreCollege Solutions? 

“PreCollege Solutions is a college readiness consulting company serving as a Guide and Support System for Families, Youth-Focused Organizations, and Tutoring Companies during the College Admission and Scholarship Process. Our mission is to help high school students go to college with a minimum amount of student debt.” 

2) What are some of your responsibilities as lead consultant? 

“I coach/guide high school students and families to make the best academic decision pending their post-secondary education options through one-on-one monthly sessions while helping students create academic resumes, and apply for internships and scholarships. One of my favorite things is to help families under their child’s high school transcript.”

“I spend some time conducting college prep presentations for organizations and families titled Are A College Ready Parent?Six Ways to Pay for College Without Student Loans, and Scholarships.”  

“Of course, I am always recruiting for more clients. “ 

3) What is the importance of college prep? How does it impact a student’s college career? 

“College prep is so important because high school students/future college students are making huge financial mistakes that are impacting the type of lifestyle they would like to live. I hate to hear that student loans have become the norm for most college graduates. Many college graduates are not living the life they thought they would live after obtaining their degree.” 

4) How has working at PreCollege Solutions shaped you? 

“As a first-generation college student, who did not obtain student loans. I want to see that for the next generation. That has shaped me to become an advocate for other ways to pay for college.”  

5) Has college prep changed over the past year due to Covid-19?  

“In regards to college prep in the college admission and standardized testing industries, the quick shift to adjust everything to digital platforms was not a smooth transition. It left some families, students, and school officials confused and frustrated. There was a drop in admission enrollment and college tours, which I believe caused a delay in the Class of 2020 making final college decisions. This year, the industries are more prepared.”  

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