Parlor’s Ice Creams Celebrates One Year

Parlor’s Ice Creams | Image by Josh Carter, The Dallas Express

Dallas’ Parlor’s Ice Creams recently celebrated its first anniversary at its store in Lakewood’s Hillside Village.

The ice cream shop, located at 6465 E Mockingbird Lane, was started a year ago by Kellie and Brandon Stoll, who both graduated from SMU.

The shop’s “birthday party” featured three limited-edition cake flavors, Cake, Texas Sheet Cake, and Strawberry Shortcake.

Lucky raffle winners received a year’s worth of the “Pint of the Month,” Parlor’s T-shirts, and Parlor’s gift cards.

Since its grand opening a year ago, Parlor’s has become a go-to destination for ice cream enthusiasts in Dallas, captivating taste buds with its delightful creations.

Nestled in the heart of the City, Parlor’s has garnered a loyal following by offering a range of traditional and seasonal handcrafted ice cream flavors that satisfy all palates.

“Knowing what goes into the ice cream, making it from scratch, and serving homemade ice cream to Dallas is worthwhile,” said Kellie speaking to The Dallas Express.

In a world where much of the food on our plates originates from around the world, Parlor’s sources its ingredients locally and makes its products in-house — mixing, pasteurizing, and freezing every flavor sold.

“We truly source everything from the ground up. We support our local businesses.”

Parlor’s website says, “Every scoop of ice cream is made with local grass-fed milk & cream and pasture-raised eggs. Each flavor is curated with foods from our favorite local farms and small business friends. If the minimal ingredients in each batch of ice cream are not organic, they are sustainable and come from businesses that support practices that fit our values.”

From traditional favorites like Chocolate Chunk and French Vanilla Bean to more unusual flavors like Oatmeal Toffee Coffee and Banana Chocolate Chip, the shop has what Dallasites crave.

“We’ve seen people try our ice cream and become addicted,” said Brandon.

The store’s first-anniversary celebration is a testament to its commitment to quality, creativity, and the joy of indulging in exceptional ice cream.

“We feel that Dallas has so much to give, and we like to focus on what’s uniquely Dallas,” said Brandon.

Ice cream shops such as Parlor’s continue to be beloved destinations where friends, families, and ice cream aficionados can gather to create lasting memories one scoop at a time.

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