Ovation Learning Management System Announces Partnership With Paratus Group

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This strategic partnership will bring the vital training needed to prepare employees, employers, schools and communities for the threats we face daily and bring situational awareness training to organizations nationally.

Ovation LMS empowers organizations to train employees with the skills needed to stay modern and relevant in today’s fast-paced world. Their learning management software makes compliance training a breeze by automating enrollments, delivering and reporting on courses, and protecting teams and capital while tracking training statuses against compliance standards, all within a single easy-to-use dashboard. Their compliance training software helps keep organizations safe and aware of workplace hazards, whether its data security, physical safety or employee behavior.

The Paratus Group has unique on-site training programs for schools, churches and the workplace to allow for the training and learning of situational awareness. They have proved that organizations become 80% safer just by learning and practicing situational awareness. These programs focus on the development of a mindset and behavior to be able to make critical decisions under stress.

As we live in an age of constant threats against our happiness and success, whether it be sexual harassment, cyber threats, bullying or active shooter situations, the development of team members and the culture of an organization are of utmost importance. Leaders need to use learning opportunities to develop their team members, and Situational Awareness enables them and their team to identify these learning opportunities.

Partnering with the Paratus Group and adding the Situational Awareness program to Ovation LMS was a natural and necessary step for the employers that trust in them to deliver employee training, tools and coursework for topics in workplace safety, sexual harassment, discrimination, and more.

Learn more about Ovation LMS programs by visiting their website: https://ovationlms.com/

Learn more about the Paratus Group by visiting their website: https://paratus.group/

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