New Dallas Roller Rink Coming Soon

Roller Skates | Image by Sarah Hart Morgan/Shutterstock

The Dallas Design District is getting a new ’80s-themed roller rink marketed toward adults. Ride On is expected to open this fall on Pittsburg Street at the corner of Riverfront Boulevard.

The new venture is spearheaded by the company On Brand Hospitality, which is a “consulting group led by Torry Cray and Adrian Verdin” that provides “expert consulting services to businesses in the hospitality industry, helping them create and maintain exceptional experiences for their guests,” according to the company’s website.

The company hopes that Ride On will elevate the experience of being at a roller rink; they will do so by catering the experience to adults with craft food and cocktails.

The rink will be adults-only and feature drinks, food, an arcade, and a DJ.

The space has not yet been built, but it will sit right next door to the Texas Ale Project. The building is projected to be over 17,000 square feet, and the rink itself will be 7,000 square feet, meaning it will be around the same square footage as three single-family homes.

The rink will be friendly to all skaters regardless of experience, and the ’80s cyberpunk theme will culminate with a disco ball DJ booth located in the dead center of the rink.

Verdin said in a statement that “there is nothing like this in the world. Trust me, we’ve checked. An adult-only roller rink, quality food and beverage, state of the art sound system, custom made skates, and we can’t wait to reveal who our chef is.”

Ride On is not without competition in the roller rink industry. The top-rated rink in the Dallas area according to Yelp is Texas Skatium in Garland. The rink is open to all ages but does have the option for private events.

The second best-rated rink is Southern Skates in South Dallas. The venue is also open to all ages but does have dedicated nights for only adults and teens.

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