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Marketing & Advertising Global Network (MAGNET) is an independent marketing and communications agency working with more than 800 leading consumers, retailers, businesses, and manufacturers throughout the world. The members are required to uphold a specific level of commitment to the network, and all-new independent agencies are meticulously vetted prior to being granted membership.

The network members exchange experience, insights, and knowledge with national and international agency partners. Cooperating on business opportunities and enhancing their ability to compete, serving clients, growing their businesses, they raise the standard of work in the advertising agency industry.

Media Culture is a multi-channel, multi-platform, global brand response agency that provides custom and flexible omnichannel media campaigns to build qualified leads and drive sales. Marketers turn to Media Culture for a unique omnichannel performance marketing solution, including the creation and implementation of strategy, media scheduling, and buying, as well as for analytics and campaign optimization services for all forms of response media.

The company is headquartered out of Dallas and achieves outstanding performance for a broad range of brands and products in a wide variety of industries.

As part of MAGNET, Media Culture has a global network of CEOs and directors, resources, and the ability to engage with diverse audiences in various markets, cultures, and languages. Rebranded earlier this year, the company continues to make an important impact on the brand response industry and working quickly to scale its efforts internationally.

Media Culture will be collaborating with MAGNET by providing insight into the trends that are impacting the direct response industry, as well as sharing what has made the agency successful for over 25 years.

Learn more about Media Culture here: http://www.mediaculture.com/

Learn more about Magnet Global Network here: http://www.magnetglobalnetwork.com/

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