McCreless Enterprises to produce over 500 million nitrile gloves

McCreless Enterprises has entered into a strategic alliance with a young manufacturing company in Malta.

The Texas-based investment company led by Caleb McCreless recently partnered with Blokkx Ltd. to manufacture and distribute medical devices. New business opportunities for the health care market are expected.

In 2020, McCreless Enterprises specialized in procuring protective equipment for COVID-19. Blokkx Ltd. started in the medical devices market in 2019.

According to a release, “under the quality seal of internationally recognized laboratories, Blokkx Ltd. has committed to the manufacturing of nitrile gloves with facilities in Vietnam and China.”

More than 500 million nitrile gloves will be produced under Yanimed per month. The production will start this month and will be sold exclusively in the U.S.

“Our joint venture with McCreless Enterprises LLC will make our products available to the specialty trade in America,” Blokkx Ltd. CEO Sergio Raygada said. “Our performance shows that even, or especially, SME’s can achieve fast results in a business challenging environment.”

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