Maze Environmental debuts with breakthrough clean energy discovery

Maze Environmental debuts with breakthrough clean energy discovery_60f182df636e3.jpeg

Maze Environmental has issued the following press release:

PERMIAN BASIN, Texas & N.M. – Energy entrepreneur Brooks Pearce announced the discovery of a game-changing emissions and efficiency innovation with the launch of MAZE Environmental.

In 2007, Pearce founded Texas Fabco, which specializes in the fabrication of oil and gas production equipment. Today, Pearce unveils his landmark new company and its bold mission to transform the energy industry by eliminating methane emissions.

At a time when federal and state governments are implementing new emission standards, Pearce discovered a game-changing solution – a new approach to upstream oil and gas stabilization.

“We have discovered a groundbreaking new process that we believe will revolutionize the future of energy production,” Pearce said. “The Maze Method brings a new approach to upstream oil and gas stabilization. The process nearly eliminates stack flare and can reduce emissions by 100%. What this amounts to is more oil in the tank at less cost and lower emissions than ever before.

MAZE Environmental’s innovative stabilizer technology (patents pending) is eliminating flaring and methane emissions for oil and gas producers. The process has also shown to decrease oil “shrink” to increase net saleable oil and gas volumes. The data collected by MAZE proves the technology will dramatically reduce emissions at the tank. This industry changing technology will help drive oil and gas production to net zero and meet ever more stringent emissions reduction mandates.

“It’s been tough keeping this exciting innovation under wraps for the past few months, so I’m thrilled to be able to finally share it,” he said.

Pearce had additional perspective on clean energy innovation.

“Clean energy is surging – just not fast enough. Some might be surprised that our industry’s most promising innovation in a long time was born in the oil fields of West Texas and New Mexico, but it was never going to come from Washington.”

“Beyond what we believe is an industry-changing solution, we’ve also discovered something else that’s rare and needed – climate optimism. Turns out we don’t have to choose between our Earth and our economy. Once again, American ingenuity for the win.”

Visit MazeEnvironmental.com for more information.

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