Marlin Medical Solutions Helps Independent Medical Practices  

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Marlin Medical Solutions, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is an equipment provider for large hospital systems and medical enterprise companies. The company offers consumables, pharmaceuticals, high-quality medical devices, and concierge services to healthcare professionals.

David Martin Edwards started the company in 2014.  

David Martin Edwards, Founder and CEO of Marlin Medical Solutions, explained, “Despite the challenges of 2020 and 2021, most independent medical practices believe the future is bright, and they expect to thrive. Independent medical practices can set themselves up for success by making key investments in their practices and offerings.”  

Many ideas come from their practices, and these principles enable independent medical practices to achieve success. One of the aspects of the company is its ability to encourage professional networking. It is crucial for fellow practitioners to network with local specialists and physicians in their area. A patient referral program is one way to create a network.   

Building laboratory capabilities is vital as it can unveil clinical benefits and add convenience. A confirmation lab with personnel to fill all mandated lab roles and management of the laboratory is a must for high-volume practice. This carefulness allows for quantitative and definitive results at the point of care.  

Ancillary Diagnostics and treatments can allow patients to receive both types of care during the same visit. This one-stop care brings convenience and peace of mind to the patients. Furthermore, finding an ancillary service provider with a true turnkey solution without any extra costs is a must for many patients. Staff must also receive practical training on how to read reports and perform billing tasks.  

Finally, patients expect to be taken care of on their schedules. For a practice to grow, patients need to make appointments on the go in ways that are comfortable for them. Medical practices should make it easier for patients to schedule their appointments, such as through a website, text, or email. Then, they should engage patients through newsletters or social media.  

To learn more about Marlin Medical Solutions, visit their website here: https://www.marlinmedicalsolutions.com/ 

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