Major Companies Install Controversial Vaccine Mandates for Workers 

AT&T Store,
A local AT&T store. | Image by RiverNorthPhotography

Large companies across the globe have begun to take more drastic measures to ensure that some or all employees have gotten the COVID vaccine. After Biden’s six-prong plan took shape, more employers began warming up to the idea of a mandate. Federal vaccine mandates already ensure that government workers are inoculated, but now the spotlight turns to the private sector.   

WebMD reports that when the Covid-19 vaccine became available, only 2% of employers required workers to get the shot. More recently, a Littler survey concludes that 21% of large employers require workers to get vaccinated.   

The survey also shows that 33% of employers take the stance of “get the jab or leave,” meaning workers will be terminated if they do not get vaccinated. Another 35% give employees the option to choose weekly testing as an alternative.   

In Texas, native companies such as AT&T are taking their own measures. Dallas-based communications giant AT&T has recently made the move to require 90,000 of its employees to get the vaccine. According to Axios, “AT&T is not giving employees the option to get tested weekly instead of being inoculated.” The mandate also falls over any AT&T workers currently part of the CWA (Communications Workers of America) union.    

On the contrary, members from both sides of the aisle oppose the mandate for businesses. Glenn Hamer is the CEO of the Texas Association of Business, and he says that vaccines are the best way to combat Covid-19. However, he opposes the national mandate, stating “…the announcement requiring the vaccine for private enterprises sets a frightening precedent that could be used to justify any manner of regulation on business, and TAB stands in opposition to this mandate…”  

The Dallas Express previously reported Wentworth Management Services CEO Ryan Morfin’s opposition.

“The vaccine companies get complete immunity, but what happens if something’s wrong with the vaccine? Do the employers get complete immunity for forcing employees to take this, and the answer is definitely “no” because that’s not an insurable option for the government to do,” Morfin added. “It’s a quagmire for the government to try to get on this road.”

Enterprises such as Mcdonald’s, Google, CVS, and DoorDash have mandated that employees get the shot before returning to work. Like AT&T, most unionized workers are still subject to the mandates. 

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