Lt. Gov. Patrick: TX Is Last Bastion for Business in U.S.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick
Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick | Image by Brandon Bell/Getty Images

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said Tuesday that thousands of Americans are moving to the Lone Star State for a better quality of life that embraces individual liberty, limited government, a strong economy, and a business-friendly regulatory environment.

During a Metroplex Civic and Business Association (MCBA) luncheon in Dallas on April 9, Lt. Gov. Patrick called Texas “the America that all America used to be.” That sentiment, shared by many Texans, is represented by the flood of newcomers pouring into the state from places like California and New York, as covered by The Dallas Express.

The MCBA luncheon, which brought together local business leaders, state officials, and community organizers, underscored why so many Americans are moving to Texas and why the non-partisan organization maintains that business leaders must encourage civic engagement at the local and state levels.

MCBA founder and CEO Louis Darrouzet commented that people get too distracted by all the noise and forget what fundamentally matters. He says what people really want is a city that focuses on core city services, including low crime, low homelessness, low taxes, low regulation, and excellent schools.

“Texas is generally a great place to live, but if we don’t get active, if we don’t continue to shape the future we want here, it can be taken away,” Darrouzet told The Dallas Express. “That’s [MCBA’s] mission. That’s what we’re doing. We’re trying to help people get educated so that we’re getting the right individuals elected that focus on those core things.”

Despite its many advantages, Patrick said Texas risks falling into the same pitfalls as other states if its citizens aren’t vigilant and engaged.

“What has been the ‘Remember the Alamo’ cry? For hundreds of years, it’s been what we all have in our hearts: that we just want the government to get out of our lives, give us a chance to raise our families, start a business, and live our dreams,” said Patrick.

“We have to get it right in Texas because, if we don’t, there’s not another Texas to move to. So, getting employees, family members, and neighbors out to vote is crucial in making that happen.”

Some unique competitive advantages that make Texas ideal for residents and businesses are the absence of corporate or personal income tax, alongside the state’s skilled workforce, connection to global markets, and strong job market, among other things.

Gov. Greg Abbott regularly touts these competitive advantages as the reason Texas is the modern embodiment of the American dream.

“Texas is America’s economic juggernaut,” said Abbott in a statement announcing that the state had been named the Top Business Climate in the nation by Site Selection Magazine. “We cut red tape, we have lower taxes, and we have the best workforce in the United States. Most importantly, the Texas economy is great for all Texans.”

A robust economy is part of the reason why the Lone Star State has led the nation in population growth for over a decade and continues to be a top state for job creation.

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