Rolls-Royce, an England-based luxury car brand, celebrated the opening of its re-imagined showroom in Dallas last month.

According to a press release, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Dallas, an Avondale Dealership, remodeled the showroom at 5300 Lemmon Ave. in Dallas to better reflect the brand’s pride in sophistication, creativity, and comfortable luxury.

“There are so many ways in which this showroom — like Rolls-Royce itself — is a rare gem,” Hesham Elgaghil, president of Avondale Dealerships, told The Dallas Express.

The showroom’s design pays homage to several defining features of Rolls-Royce vehicles, including the Pantheon grille featured on the showroom’s front doors. The entryway is also topped with the Spirit of Ecstasy, the marque’s iconic figurine.

The new showroom also features a designated space for each model. This presentation highlights each vehicle’s personality and unique characteristics. The models are surrounded by Galleria digital screens to further create an interactive environment for clients. Spectre, the most powerful model from the company’s fleet, and Cullinan, the first all-terrain Rolls-Royce SUV, are just a few of the models on display.

In the center of it all is the Bespoke Commissioning Atelier, where clients can personalize their Rolls-Royce vehicle to best fit their needs and desires. The room is full of sensory-inspired details that “help clients envision their dreams coming to life,” according to the company’s press release.

Clients can also relax in the showroom’s lounge, Speakeasy, where refreshments are provided. Within the lounge, clients can also find the Cabinet of Curiosities, which features special pieces meant to serve as conversation starters.

Martin Fritsches, president and CEO of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars of North America, thanked the premier team at Avondale Dealership, including Kenneth L. Schnitzer, chairman of Avondale Dealerships; Hesham Elgaghil, president of Avondale Dealerships; and Kevin Chew, general manager of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Dallas.

Avondale Dealerships also announced a brand partnership with Children’s Cancer Fund.

“Avondale is pleased to support the work of Children’s Cancer Fund through its annual gala, which in April 2024 raised a record-breaking $2 million to champion children in their fight against cancer through strategic investments in research and care,” stated the press release.

Fritsches provided some opening remarks to a crowd on May 9, saying, “The design, ambiance, hospitality, and professionalism is what makes the new Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Dallas a welcoming slice of England in the United States.”

Several notable guests attended the showroom’s opening, including Rolls-Royce collector Fred Cornwall, who displayed vintage Rolls-Royce vehicles from his personal collection. According to the company’s press release, one of the featured vehicles was a 1926 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Piccadilly Roadster.

“Through Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Dallas, guests can find a gateway to Goodwood, the home of Rolls-Royce in West Sussex, England, where the bespoke craftsmanship can be both seen and felt,” Elgaghil commented to DX. “Brought to the heart of Dallas by Avondale, this immersive experience virtually transports guests to the home of Rolls-Royce to enjoy the iconic brand’s bespoke craftsmanship, respect for detail and commitment to innovation…”

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