I Need Help, But Where Do I Go?

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Do you need financial help? Are you struggling to afford food? Did the pandemic leave you unable to pay your rent? You keep hearing that help is available, but where do you turn first?  

Managing money and connecting to resources for assistance is difficult. The City of Dallas’ Financial Navigators Program is a free resource that connects people to whatever kind of help they need.    

Financial Navigators provide free referrals to residents who need help after a short 30-minute phone call to access the caller’s situation. The remote session is free and confidential.  

Navigators specialize in helping people prioritize their daily living expenses such as housing, food, and insurance. They introduce ways to maximize income through benefits that the caller may not know about and provide referrals to agencies and organizations with emergency cash assistance and loans.  

Additionally, navigators can suggest ways to manage credit cards, student loans, and child support debts that drain the caller’s bank account. Advice is also provided about how to budget in case of loss of future income, such as losing a job, and how to avoid financial scams. 

While the financial navigators can provide direction about where to seek help, they cannot offer loans or direct financial assistance. They “navigate” the callers to places where they can apply and seek assistance.  

To request a conversation with a Financial Navigator, complete the application, and a navigator will contact you to establish a game plan for short-term relief and future financial stability.  

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