Houston-Based Cosmetic Surgeon Does More Than Plastic Surgery

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Dr. Emmanuel De La Cruz, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Houston that specializes in body contouring, lift, and liposuction procedures, continues his ongoing humanitarian efforts. 

Dr. Emmanuel De La Cruz has received numerous compliments from his peers for his successful surgeries and extensive knowledge. He is known for his medical expertise, technical skills, and compassion for his patients. He has been performing surgeries at the highest level in his own practice for years. 

Perhaps even more notable are his ongoing charitable efforts. Dr. De La Cruz works with underprivileged children, breast cancer patients, and people with physical and mental disabilities on an ongoing basis. He has won awards for his humanitarian work, such as the Helping Hands Awards from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the Global 7 Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Award. He was also given recognition recently from the United States Congress for his volunteer efforts. 

His humanitarian focus fulfills a childhood dream. From an early age, Dr. De La Cruz knew that he wanted to help others. His teachers and family members quickly noticed that Emmanuel had a capacity for empathy that went far beyond his young age. As he grew up, he truly found a way to make a difference in the lives of many people and continues to do so today. 

After his studies in general surgery, he completed a course in Hand and Microsurgery at Oregon Health Sciences University in the Division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. There, he was able to perform over 900 surgeries with many accolades from his instructors. 

Today, he continues his humanitarian commitment because he has the greatest sense of accomplishment when he can help those who need it most. Dr. De La Cruz has been conducting humanitarian missions in the Philippines since 2013 and has seen tens of thousands of patients while performing thousands of surgeries. 

Learn more about Dr. De La Cruz by following this link to visit his website: https://www.delacruzplasticsurgery.com/ 

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