Freedom Founders Launches Retirement Newsletter


Freedom Founders, an industry leader in dental retirement investing, just launched a new free digital newsletter for practicing professionals named “Path to Freedom.” 

Freedom Founders is a group of medical professionals, including dentists and physicians, who get together and build their own dentist and physician retirement plans. Collectively, with the training and education provided by Freedom Founders, they are empowered to create a passive income portfolio that gives them control over their lives. 

The Freedom Founders team is dedicated to the success of its members. Most dentists and physicians are working hard and putting aside money for retirement. Some are investing in the stock market or in their 401(k) plans, but time continues to pass and there simply isn’t enough money for retirement. That’s where Freedom Founders comes in: retirement planning for dentists works best when done together. 

Dr. David Phelps, Founder and CEO of Freedom Founders explains: “My goal is to help you change your mindset, learn key investing principles, and think like a wealth creator. This publication is packed with strategies, principles, and techniques. It’s an easy 30-minute read that will expand your mind and unlock wealth-building potential to catapult you from high income to high net worth.” 

If you are tired of the typical financial newsletters, which are filled with meaningless charts and data designed to sell you off-the-shelf stock products, Path to Freedom provides a refreshing change. You will find many profitable strategies that are used by hundreds of dentists, doctors, and experts to create and combine different types of passive income with annuities. 

Visit Freedom Founder’s website to learn more about this digital newsletter and join their community. 

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