An investigation has been opened into Ford after a recall fix meant to remedy gas leaks that had the potential to start engine fires in its vehicles allegedly failed to solve the problem.

According to the National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA), the regulator’s Office of Defects Investigation (ODI) is reviewing Ford’s purported fix in relation to its recall of 2022-2023 Ford Bronco Sport models and 2022 Ford Escapes, per a document posted by NHTSA on April 12.

“A fuel injector may crack resulting in liquid field and/or fuel vapor migration to, and accumulation near, ignition sources that may cause under hood fire, fuel order both outside and inside of the vehicle, and increase the risk of injury,” the original recall stated.

The remedy for the recall included an engine control software update and the installation of a drain tube:

“The engine control software update will detect a pressure drop in the fuel rail, providing a ‘seek service’ message within the vehicle’s instrument cluster, as well as invoke a strategy to disable the high-pressure fuel pump, de-rate engine power output, and reduce temperatures of possible ignition sources in the engine compartment. The drain tube will allow fuel to drain from the cylinder head hole to the ground below the vehicle away from surfaces which may initiate combustion.”

The recall remedy did not include a replacement of the cracked fuel injector.

In 2022, a recall was issued for 2020-2023 Ford Escapes and 2021-2023 Ford Bronco Sport vehicles. The recall involved the same issue of liquid fuel and vapor accumulating, posing a risk of underhood fire.

Micheal Brooks, executive director for the nonprofit Center for Auto Safety, called Ford’s fix for the recall a “Band-aid type recall,” according to the Associated Press.

“ODI is opening this Recall Query … to evaluate the adequacy and safety consequences of the remedy described in recall 24V-187,” the NHTSA document reads.