Entrepreneurs Share Advice for Surviving Post-Pandemic

JBthaGREAT, founder and CEO of the Houston-based Next Level Mastermind, is partnering with Tiana Burse, Host of “Hustle Season,” to assist businesses to navigate through post-pandemic times.

Serial entrepreneurs JBthaGREAT and Tiana Burse are on a mission to help businesses navigate the changing business climate and reemerge in a post-pandemic era.

“We’ve seen over 100,000 businesses go under in the last eighteen months of the pandemic,” said JBthaGREAT, founder and CEO of Texas-based Next Level Mastermind. “There are businesses right now who are hanging on by a thread, not because the owners aren’t good business people, but because they lack the knowledge of how to transition their brand to keep up with consumer behavior and the technology shift being driven by the pandemic.”

As a successful entrepreneur, 13-year veteran investor, business consultant, and advisor to entrepreneurs worldwide, JBthaGREAT specializes in digital assets, cryptocurrency, marketing, sales, and e-commerce.

“We are living in an unprecedented time where entrepreneurs and business owners are being forced to pivot for long-term sustainability,” said Burse, host of “Hustle Season” and CEO and co-founder of District Media Press. “JB and I have combined our areas of expertise to help even the most inexperienced business owners adapt their brand to the changing business climate of a thriving online world.”

Burse is a leading branding expert, business growth strategist, serial entrepreneur, and social media and marketing consulting agency.

The pair has worked globally with small business owners, entrepreneurs, celebrities, professional athletes, politicians, influencers, and universities. They will share their advice, insights, and strategies in a “Next Level Branding” program that features virtual workshops, consultations, strategic earned media, and instant access to content on-demand.

To learn more and register, visit Next Level Branding.

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