Digital Pi to Host “Marketo Top Tips” Event

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Digital Pi, headquartered in Dallas, helps businesses building, managing and optimizing their marketing automation on a global scale. The company will host a digital event named “Marketo Top Tips”, that kicks off on November 9th with registration now open. They will cover numerous topics such as how B2B will evolve in 2022, how to optimize Salesforce CRM and Marketo Engage to normalize data and reduce duplicates, how to identify the best methods for creating and addressing campaign launch, and much more.  

As one of Merkle’s B2B members, Digital Pi offers a full spectrum of services that are transforming B2B operations around the world. They provide marketing technology that enables sales and marketing to engage users effectively and efficiently, with the ability to continuously measure and optimize outreach. 

Packed with fresh insight and a down-to-earth approach to navigating a changing business world, the core sessions will be led by advanced Marketo consultants alongside seasoned practitioners. Marketo Top Tips is an event designed for marketing practitioners and marketing operations professionals (MOPs) who are seeking to leverage the power of Marketo to drive better outcomes. 

Digital Pi’s CEO, Ryan Vong, explained to Mena – EIN Presswire: “Adapting to a changing environment has never been more important. In a truly tumultuous time, businesses need to make the most of the platforms that they’ve invested in. Adobe Marketo Engage continues to win awards for a reason: because it helps businesses scale quickly while delivering real and measurable results. We consistently receive positive feedback from our previous Marketo Top Tips Events, and our goal this year is to bring even more modern strategies to users, helping them to optimize their marketing automation technologies in new ways.” 

Reserve your spot for Marketo Top Tips event here: https://digitalpi.com/marketo-top-tips-event-2021/ 

Learn more about Digital Pi here: Digital Pi: Marketing Consulting Agency 

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