David Osborne Addresses Common Money Mistakes Athletes Make

David Osborne explained what goes into helping these larger-than-life athletes manage their money and avoid making mistakes with it | Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash

David Osborne of Austin is the President Founder of Osborne Advisors Wealth Management (now OA Capital). He is a seasoned independent financial advisor that manages families, entrepreneurs, corporations and sports professionals. Osborne founded the firm in 1999, and, prior to that, was a Financial Advisor focusing on financial, retirement and college planning as well as strategic equity and income investing in New York and Dallas.

The desire to focus on the best results and best portfolio for each client led David Osborne Austin to become an independent financial advisor. He developed deep client relationships and a passion for helping clients think long-term about their investing and risk management strategy. With 22+ years of practical experience managing the wealth of professionals, estates, businesses, athletes, and celebrities. David Osborne is highly sought after by big names we would all recognize.

He explained that similarly to actors, musicians, and other creative types, the discipline of being a professional athlete could be said to be contrary to the type of thinking that makes a good bookkeeper. This is not a mark against their intelligence, but it does mean they might need a bit more help than most managing large incomes.

Failure to set aside money, and leave it set aside, is a good way to turn an emergency into a disaster. Professional sports stars often need to hob-knob in order to stay in the good graces of the people that sign their checks. Cutting out on your fun budget is a mistake. On another note, it can be tempting to estimate how much money we have, how much we’re about to spend, and so on. While using guesswork may feel right at the moment, it’s almost a sure way to miscalcsolulate in the wrong direction.

To learn more about David Osborne of Austin, visit his website: https://davidosborneaustin.com/about-david-osborne-austin/

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