Dallas Morning News’ Biased Endorsement Problem

Dallas Morning News | Image by 4kclips/Shutterstock
Dallas Morning News | Image by 4kclips/Shutterstock

The Dallas Morning News may have a bias problem when it comes to endorsements, at least according to some outside observers.

In 2016, the news outlet endorsed Hillary Clinton, arguing that Trump’s temperament makes him an “unreliable” candidate.

“Our determination is that, frankly, there is only one serious candidate on the ballot in November — and that is Hillary Clinton,” Keven Ann Willey, the DMN editorial page editor, said in an interview with the Texas Standard.

In 2018, DMN endorsed Beto O’Rourke over Ted Cruz, with the opinion piece citing the need for gun control and green energy as reasons for endorsing the Democrat over the Republican. It also noted how he demonstrated the “inclusive and hopeful tone” of a formidable political leader.

“In this respect, O’Rourke is the stronger candidate,” DMN stated. “In conducting his campaign, he has displayed a demeanor that offers respect for each person and a humbleness that will allow him to open the door to working with those who hold political views different from his. We believe O’Rourke is right in calling for rejoining the Paris climate accord, supporting the vast potential of renewable energy in Texas, and calling for universal background checks on guns.”

DMN’s apparent bias doesn’t stop there: According to the outlet’s general election endorsement list in 2022, the majority of those endorsed were Democrats.

When writing about why it supported Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s opponent, Mike Collier, DMN stated: “Collier, a Democrat, is an appealing alternative to GOP incumbent Dan Patrick, whose abrasive style of politics is focused on winning culture wars rather than on solving everyday problems. Collier can talk policy ideas in detail, but he’s not a doctrinaire.”

Notable Democrats on the list include Tarrant County Judge candidate Deborah Peoples, U.S. House District 30 candidate Jasmine Crockett, and U.S. House District 33 incumbent Marc Veasey.

As previously reported by The Dallas Express, local leaders are criticizing DMN for its alleged left-leaning bias.

“The news should be based on facts, not opinions. When media is clearly driven by political activism, most people are distrusting of it,” Texas Coalition for Kids President Kelly Neidert previously told The Dallas Express.

The Dallas Express reached out to DMN for comment but did not receive a response by publication time.

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