Dallas Love Field Wins Top Honor

Dallas Love Field
Dallas Love Field | Image by Dallas Love Field/Facebook

Dallas Love Field Airport has been honored as the 2023 Airport Service Quality Award winner for being the top airport in North America with annual passenger traffic of between 15 and 25 million.

Airport Service Quality (ASQ) is a global benchmarking program that “employs a meticulous and scientific methodology to measure and benchmark airport customer experience worldwide,” according to a press release.

The prestigious accolade is awarded to an airport for operating with a commitment to passenger satisfaction and excellence in service delivery.

“The ASQ program achieved a historic milestone in 2023, surpassing 400 participating airports, highlighting the industry’s dedication to putting passengers first,” the press release reads. “The program’s live research approach, conducted through surveys administered directly to travelers on the day of their journey, provides comprehensive insights with over 30 performance indicators covering key elements of the passenger’s airport experience.”

Patrick Carreno, director of the Department of Aviation for Dallas Love Field, celebrated the award and expressed his enthusiasm for the airport’s success and ability to deliver quality service.

“This recognition underscores our unwavering dedication to prioritizing passenger satisfaction and excellence in service delivery,” Carreno told The Dallas Express in an email.

“We are immensely proud of this achievement, which reflects our entire airport community’s hard work and dedication to providing a seamless and memorable experience for the millions of travelers who choose our airport,” added Carreno.

As DFW’s population growth continues to surge, it will become increasingly crucial for the Dallas Love Field to keep up with the necessary infrastructure upgrades to handle airport traffic.

Although Dallas Love Field was named the best in its category in North America, the airport has faced its fair share of operational blunders over the years, particularly involving regional carrier Southwest Airlines.

In 2022, the airport was hit by a massive winter storm, resulting in Southwest canceling or delaying hundreds of flights, as previously reported by The Dallas Express.

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