Dallas-Fort Worth Recovering From Jobs Lost During Pandemic

The Dallas-Fort Worth area has regained a massive chunk of the jobs lost as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dallas-Fort Worth has continued to work its way out of the economic crisis and mass unemployment the COVID-19 pandemic caused.

Between February and April, Texas lost 1.4 million jobs, 79.3% of which are concentrated in the state’s six largest metropolitan statistical areas. The report of the statistics was provided by Waco-based economist Ray Perryman.

According to Perryman, the state will recover from the job losses. However, the pace depends on industrial composition and other factors in the individual markets.

“The pandemic hit hard, but the economy is on track to recoup aggregate losses by early next year, with notable momentum in all major markets,” Perryman said.

He also expressed hopes that the Delta variant will not cause more disruptions.

The Dallas and Fort Worth sides of the metroplex lost a total of 425,000 jobs between February and April 2020. Now, most of the losses have been recovered, leaving the cities about 53,000 jobs short of what they had before the pandemic hit.

Dallas-Plano-Irving employment remains 21,700 short of where it stood before the pandemic hit. Fort Worth-Arlington-Grapevine has also recovered a substantial amount of their 2020 losses of 126,200 jobs. As of June, they have beat unemployment down to 31,300 less than what they had before the pandemic.

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