Amid allegations that the aviation industry has been prioritizing “diversity, equity, and inclusion” initiatives at the expense of safety and business fundamentals, departing Boeing chief Dave Calhoun was grilled during a Senate hearing on Tuesday over his safety, transparency, and quality standards.

CNN reported: “Calhoun announced plans to retire before the end of this year. His successor has yet to be selected. Calhoun said he has a preferred candidate but he has not publicly identified that person and said the decision is up to the search committee and Boeing’s board.

“He acknowledged that the company had retaliated against employees who have raised safety concerns. Before his opening remarks, he stood from the witness table and turned around to apologize to the family members of Boeing 737 Max victims. They were present in the room with photos of their loved ones.

“Boeing is under intense scrutiny from several regulators after a series of safety missteps earlier this year, including a door plug that blew off an Alaska Airlines flight shortly after takeoff in January.

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