Birkman International Celebrates 70th Anniversary

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The industry-leading provider of workplace behavioral and motivational assessment tools is headquartered in Houston, Texas, and enjoys an extensive global reach. Their proprietary methodology was founded by innovative organizational psychologist Dr. Roger W. Birkman in 1951. 

Birkman International has been named a “Best and Brightest Company to Work For” both nationally for five straight years and locally for six years. It is also recognized as a Women’s Business Enterprise National Council certified women-owned business since Dr. Birkman appointed his elder daughter, Sharon Birkman Fink, as Chairman and CEO in 2002. 

In the 1940’s, Dr. Roger W. Birkman was shot down as a B-17 pilot, landing in Nazi territory. Once he escaped, Birkman returned to the United States and began a quest to understand human behavior. The Birkman Method is now a scientifically reliable and valid assessment measuring human interest, behaviors, and underlying motivations. This assessment was developed by adapting the “Test of Social Comprehension.” 

Since assuming leadership, Birkman’s daughter Sharon has led the organization to new levels, including the launch of the Birkman Signature Report in 2016. This report provides in-depth personality data that tackles all levels of organizational needs. Birkman perpetuates the mission of helping people understand how individual differences in perception and the resulting interpersonal dynamics have far-reaching impacts on relationships, performance, and morale. 

Sharon Birkman Fink, Chairman and CEO at Birkman International, mentions: “To celebrate 70 years is a dream. I owe it all to the growth and success of our customers and staff, who have expanded Birkman International globally in 24 languages.” Dan Perryman, General Manager of Birkman added: “Looking forward, we plan to create even more relationships globally and products that focus on empowering people and organizations. We are grateful and look forward to the next 70 years.” 

Learn more about Birkman International by following this link: https://birkman.com/ 

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