Axios Investigations Firm (AIF) is a highly regarded, veteran-owned and operated security consulting and investigation agency. The firm is composed of some of the industry’s best investigators, intelligence analysts, corporate researchers, and protection specialists. The company makes a daily effort to create an environment of respect, maintaining the highest moral and ethical standards. They are also dedicated to be faithful caretakers of all that is entrusted to them, helping their clients achieve their intended results, and making a positive contribution to all who interact with their firm.

The company CEO, Jereme D., explained, “We wanted to provide better service to our clients. We believe that this will give us a more strategic platform for our clientele and meet the current demand for more services.”

AIF is one of the nation’s fastest-growing companies specialized in private security and investigations. They offer a wide array of services such as technical surveillance countermeasures, K9 services & security consulting, field operations, and corporate intelligence. They are highly qualified to provide confidential, discreet, and professional security solutions to a wide variety of customers.

Axios Investigations Firm released that they are expanding their operations and establishing an office in Dallas, TX. This decision is part of their 5-year growth strategy. The state of Texas is growing at a high rate, which is why the company feels it is best to add the next office here.

This new office in Dallas will allow the company to meet the needs of its corporate, executive, and private clients traveling around the world to meet with them. It also provides clients with an easy way to get to and from their destination, and a more prominent location means they can help more clients simultaneously.

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