AT&T Fixes Nationwide Issue Affecting Calls

AT&T Store | Image by Tada Images/Shutterstock
AT&T Store | Image by Tada Images/Shutterstock

AT&T claims to have fixed an issue that was affecting cellphone customer’s calls across the country this week.

“The issue distributing calls between carriers has been resolved,” AT&T stated in a post via X on Tuesday evening. “We collaborated with the other carrier to find a solution and appreciate our customers’ patience during this period.”

The Dallas-based telecommunications company had explained earlier that rather than facing a complete outage, the issue was limited to calls attempted with customers from different carriers. It did not impact any 911 calls.

Nevertheless, Tuesday’s outage may have rung some bells for customers who experienced the massive AT&T outage in February.

The company claimed in a statement at the time that the outage had been caused by a “software glitch” that impacted tens of thousands of cellphone customers with AT&T, Verizon, Cricket Wireless, and T-Mobile. It took nearly 10 hours to restore service; however, most users had service restored after about six hours, as previously reported by The Dallas Express.

Verizon customers also experienced a major outage just last week, with thousands saying they were unable to send messages or make calls due to the service interruption.

In addition to cell phone carriers having major outages, Meta’s social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp, were also disrupted in March, as reported in The Dallas Express.

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