Consumers’ Research is sounding the ‘woke’ alarm on American Express, Boeing, and Kohl’s for their left-wing corporate policies and virtue signaling.

The nonprofit’s 80-page report, which aims to investigate “how liberal-aligned political activists are shaping corporate policy through shareholder proposals,” questioned whether politically neutral or right-leaning shareholders were “all but sitting out of the shareholder proposal process.”

Diving into SEC shareholder proposals submitted for no-action between 2018 and 2022, Consumers’ Research found that just 101 were politically “neutral.” Meanwhile, 1,063 were “liberal-aligned” and only 87 were “conservative-aligned.”

A news release outlined what companies Consumers’ Research considered “the worst offenders” when it comes to “pushing a woke political agenda.”

The organization pointed to American Express, a multinational financial services corporation, and how it implemented a shareholder proposal from an activist investor that requires the company to report on how it implements “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI) in the work environment.

As extensively reported by The Dallas Express, DEI policies have come under fire, with some firms retracting them after seeing their bottom lines impacted.

Another company named by Consumers’ Research was Boeing. The embattled aviation giant is said to be adopting a proposal from an activist shareholder that will require it to show how the company is reducing emissions and meeting environmentalist Net Zero standards.

Beyond its seeming embrace of environmentalist policy pushes, Boeing and other firms in the air travel industry have been accused of prioritizing DEI initiatives at the expense of safety and business fundamentals.

Kohl’s also appeared on the Consumers’ Research list for its recent launch of an LGBTQ children’s clothing line. The Pride collection includes t-shirts depicting various pronouns and statements like “Equality has no gender.”

“This is why companies should not embrace a woke ideology,” Pilot Point City Council member Aaron Rocha told The Dallas Express about the report.

“I have been a victim of a woke workforce, and it was when the woke ideology first started that I saw it as a fluke and nothing to worry about. However, the woke ideology put a fat target on anyone that did not belong and was used to persecute those who were not like themselves. Fortunately, I was pushed to work for myself and for patriotic companies that didn’t play that game, and I flourished. I was not treated like a segment of a classified citizen.”

As previously reported by The Dallas Express, 24-Hour Fitness was exposed as having a woke employee dress code that only allowed the American flag and logos to be worn on holidays. In contrast, BLM and Pride attire could be worn at any time.