In what is becoming a regular occurrence, another Boeing airplane suffered a mechanical failure as it was about to takeoff.  

The incident marks the third time in recent months that a Boeing airplane has had an incident with one of its wheels during takeoff. Yesterday, The Dallas Express reported on a Boeing 757-200 plane that lost its landing gear wheel during takeoff from Los Angeles on Monday. Pilots managed to safely land the plane at its destination in Denver. No injuries were reported among the 174 passengers and seven crew members on board United Airlines Flight 1001. 

In March, a United Airlines Boeing 777-200 bound for Japan lost a wheel during takeoff from the San Francisco airport. The wheel landed in an airline employee parking lot, crushing a vehicle and bouncing into a fence. No one was injured in that incident. 

On May 25, passengers aboard a Boeing 737 on Southwest Airlines Flight 746 were shaken up as the aircraft’s tail swung left and right, causing its wings to rock back and forth, an effect known in the aviation industry as a “Dutch roll.”

Other Boeing aircraft mid-flight mishaps and near-misses in recent months include a door plug blowing off, a plane wing disintegrating, a windshield cracking, an engine catching fire, and more.

Here’s the start of the story about the latest incident from Fox News — click on the link to see the harrowing video of the tire catching fire:

A smoke-filled video showed the moment an American Airlines plane blew a tire during takeoff at Tampa International Airport in Florida.

The Federal Aviation Administration and American Airlines confirmed to Fox News Digital that the incident happened while the Boeing 737-800 was headed from Tampa International Airport to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in Arizona around 7:50 a.m. ET Wednesday.

The airline said that there were 174 passengers and six crew members on board.

Footage from the incident showed an American Airlines plane taxiing on the runway with its right tire smoking and on fire.