AI Adoption To Take Off in 2024

ChatGPT on computer screen
ChatGPT on computer screen | Image by Elevandos/Shutterstock

Few people at the end of 2022 anticipated the significant cultural shift that would arise in the workplace due to the arrival of ChatGPT’s generative AI chatbot.

While companies spent most of 2023 getting accustomed to the powerful tool, major advancements in technology throughout the year propelled many companies to eye 2024 as the year AI adoption becomes widespread across workplaces, Bloomberg reported.

Learning how to use generative AI tools can be “pretty confusing,” but it is going to be a career necessity in the future, said Roy Bahat, head of Bloomberg Beta, during a recent conference. “Just like when computers were first introduced, skills went on a resume. Saying today you are proficient in AI is a skill.”

In the coming year, more workers are expected to use AI tools to write their emails and summarize their documents, and as technology advances, it will potentially carry out even more complex tasks.

Overall, generative AI will be a significant growth driver for companies adopting the technology, according to Peter Miscovich of the real estate firm JLL.

“Generative AI has risen to become an equal and increasing priority for global organizations in comparison to the enterprise priorities of hybrid working and providing flexible work environments,” Miscovich said, per Bloomberg.

One of the more interesting companies highlighted by Bloomberg was the AI startup Upwage, an employment platform for hourly wage workers.

“We care about two things: wage and commute,” co-founder Diana Tsai told Bloomberg. “Our obsession was always to disrupt a very outdated and inefficient job search and application process for hourly workers but also how amazing it would be if we could build an AI interviewer that skipped the entire application process and enabled workers to instantly interview with employers.”

“When GPT came, we had the opportunity to combine our search-based engine with the employer-side product,” she said.

Upwage’s new AI “Super Screener” tool will provide 24/7 candidate screening and could save participating employers up to $336,000 annually.

With big-tech firms like Microsoft, Nvidia, Google, and others pouring millions of dollars into AI technology in 2023, AI-powered tools will become more ubiquitous across industries in 2024.

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