3T Pro Now Offers Servers and Computers to Texas Businesses

3T Pro Now Offers Servers and Computers to Texas Businesses
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3T Pro is a Dallas IT support and consulting firm providing numerous organizations in the wider Dallas area with an efficient IT support system, as well as computer and server installation and maintenance.

The company provides 24/7 computer support and IT services, Business Continuity Programs, Cloud Services, and Project Management. Their services cover the planning and building of workstations, installation, and maintenance of the hardware and software.

3T Pro executives are proud to announce that the company is now offering computers and servers to Texas businesses. The company’s decision to introduce these products to its catalog is timely, with good deals during the holiday season.

Vice President of Sales at 3T Pro, Tommy Gay, said, “We consider it an honor and privilege to offer computers and servers to businesses in Texas. We sell computer hardware from Lenovo, Hewlett Packard, and many other brands.”

The company offers desktop units, laptops, servers, monitors, and workstations. While 90% of American households own a computer today, and the world is becoming increasingly more digital, 3T Pro accompanies your company in its digitalization and modernization, from the purchase to the installation of your workstations.

Servers are still relatively unknown for utilization to many companies. However, internal servers are very useful to have rather than relying on another company’s technology. This is because you will protect yourself from viruses and other threats by staying connected locally.

A server allows you to centralize the storage of your applications, data, and sensitive files that should not be stored on individual computers. It also enables the implementation of efficient remote work processes, especially during a pandemic.

Servers also allow you to protect yourself against any disaster, as they are designed with redundant disks, which prevent data loss, and can function despite a power failure.

Learn more about 3T Pro here: https://3tpro.com

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