An internal document given to The Dallas Express outlines how 24 Hour Fitness employees should respond to situations in which biological men who identify as women enter women’s restrooms.

“Whether a transgender member or team member has undergone gender reassignment surgery is irrelevant. Transgender members and team members may use whichever locker room they prefer,” the document reads. “In addition, staff should never ask a transgender member or team member if they have undergone gender reassignment surgery; this impermissible invasion of a member’s or team member’s privacy could be considered discrimination.”

The internal document further suggests that 24 Hour Fitness employees are directed to disregard First Amendment religious freedom rights, stating that the rights of transgender individuals should be prioritized.

“A member’s or team member’s religious beliefs do not trump a transgender member’s or team member’s right to equal and full access to the club, which includes using the locker room and rest room (sic) of their choice. It is no different than if a member complained about sharing a locker room with a member of a different race. We can’t allow one member’s or team member’s beliefs to result in discrimination against another member or team member.”

The sentiment is shared by the National Center for Transgender Equality, which wrote on the notion of violating religious liberties on its website:

“Everyone — including transgender people — should be treated equally under the law. Like all nondiscrimination protections, trans-inclusive policies don’t require anyone to change their religious beliefs: they simply ensure that transgender people can live, work, study and participate in public life according to their identities.”

The internal document also advises employees that no proof, such as legal documentation or ID, is required if a member requests their first name be changed on their account profile.

24 Hour Fitness has received backlash for its efforts to accommodate transgender individuals, which some believe has created an environment that lacks reason.

“At what point do these ‘woke’ businesses wake up to the reality that their political agendas regarding allowing men who ‘identify’ as women to enter into a woman’s locker room are not only a violation of the privacy of the girls involved but most importantly endangers the lives of these same women? The ‘inclusive’ actions of these businesses put women at risk of sexual harassment and assault as it places the predators directly in their perverse element and victimizes these poor women,” Lubbock businessman Antonio Renteria told DX.

“It’s extremely concerning that 24 Hour Fitness is allowing men to access women’s spaces. Policies like this are dangerous and put women at risk,” Kelly Neidert of the Texas Coalition for Kids told DX.

As previously reported by The Dallas Express, Planet Fitness faced backlash for banning a woman from speaking out about a transgender person using the women’s locker room.

“I’m not afraid. The libs can threaten me all day long, and I just feel like I’ve got the armor of God on me. They cannot penetrate my soul. They can’t take my joy unless I give it to them, so that’s kind of where I’m at,” Patricia Silva told Fox News.

The Dallas Express reached out to 24 Hour Fitness but did not receive a response by publication.