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Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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BP Energy Partners and Onboard Dynamics Sign Investment Agreement

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BP Energy Partners (BPEP) is a growth-oriented private equity firm focused on a lower carbon future, establishing sustainable and responsible companies in the natural gas value chain.

The company invests in low-carbon energy solutions while collaborating with all kinds of entrepreneurs, project developers, family-owned businesses, and experienced management teams to provide financial and operating expertise.

Onboard Dynamics is at the forefront of the climate and technology transition thanks to its patented, unique, mobile, and modular technology platform that responsibly uses natural gas. Consumers can deploy this technology at a remote pipeline site, an oil or gas production field, a renewable methane recovery, or a clean natural gas fleet.

Its products can compress natural gas or renewable natural gas from any source for easy transfer and environmentally efficient use. The platform’s innovative products allow users to achieve economic value and environmental benefits by streamlining the collection, compression, and transportation of natural gas.

BPEP has agreed to provide Onboard Dynamics the necessary capital to continue their market-leading technology for methane reductions.

Rita Hansen, CEO of Onboard Dynamics, explained, “This new exciting partnership with BPEP and the synergies with its portfolio companies will allow us to meet the demand of this rapidly growing market. Our new product will help customers receive economic value while achieving their environmental and sustainability goals through reduced diesel consumption and the elimination of venting and flaring practices.”

Their new product, the GoVAC™ Flex is a gas line evacuation system that provides pipeline operations with the ability to minimize and mitigate the emissions of methane and greenhouse gases (GHGs) during the maintenance of gas pipelines. As a result of its self-contained design, the GoVAC Flex has a much lower full-cycle emissions profile than other competing evacuation equipment.

In addition, it is powered by natural gas recovered during the evacuation process and does not need external fuel or electrical power, thus reducing emissions.

Learn more about BP Energy Partners here: https://www.bpenergypartners.com/

Learn more about Onboard Dynamics here: https://onboarddynamics.com/

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